Class Materials

Sound Beginnings and Let's Play Music classes both have required materials that go along with their respective classes. We understand that the purchase of materials is an additional financial obligation for parents. We also believe that the correct materials yield the greatest benefits, and that requirement for a complete set is in the best interest of the child and will provide the greatest return on a parent’s significant investment (of both finances and time).

Here’s are some developmental items that happen when you give a child an instrument (this is true for ALL ages):

  • strengthening auditory perception skills
  • building coordination and body awareness (even if it is at a rudimentary level)
  • experimenting with cause and effect
  • increasing concentration and attention span
  • building a sense of independence
  • exploring timbre (infants as young as 7 months old can hear a variance in timbre)
  • creating and developing neural pathways

Here’s are just a few things that happen when the child engages with the Sound Beginnings workbook:

  • building visual discrimination skills
  • increasing concentration and attention span
  • promoting a social bond between parent and child
  • providing opportunities to develop visual tracking skills

Used in conjunction with the album, these items are valuable tools both in and outside of class.

And last, but not least, I wrote a separate page about why the tote bag is important, so if you think you don't need one, please read that page first!

When a parent registers for any activity — dance, sports, academic clubs, etc. — they are required to provide the proper equipment for their child. We believe our materials are the appropriate tools by which young children will most effectively learn from our classes and parents will get the greatest return on their efforts.

Complete cost of Let's Play Music program

Complete cost of Sound Beginnings program