Semester Cost Sheet

Registration Fee: Paid to teacher
$20 per student. This fee covers miscellaneous studio expenses.

Online Enrollment:

Each child attending classes must be enrolled, including infants.

Student Materials:

Paid online to corporate Let's Play Music

Each semester has a unique Workbook, Class Music and Instrument (see semester set images).

Add $2.99 to each set for shipping & handling.

First child in family 
Full Set: $42.50*
Workbook, Class Music, Instrument, Tote Bag gold_stars_materials_tote.jpg

Do I really need a Sound Beginnings Tote bag?
Semester Set: $35 
sb_mat-wh-300.jpg sb_mat-wh-300.jpg
sb_mat-bs-300.jpg sb_mat-gs-300.jpg
sb_mat-pp-300.jpg sb_mat-btb-300.jpg

Sibling Set*: $21

Includes workbook and instrument; does not include album or tote bag

Infant Siblings**:

No materials needed

*We recommend the Sibling Set for siblings over 18 months old.
**We recommend adding an instrument for siblings over 6 months old.


Paid to Bethany by semester or in monthly installments

Venmo: @musikandme


Single Child Rate

$180 per semester or
4 monthly payments of $45

Family Rate

$220 per semester or
4 monthly payments of $55

Class Length

Weekly classes are 30 minutes

Sound Beginning Extra Materials

Cost of Let's Play Music classes