Tote Bags

Do I really need to purchase a tote bag? I already have a bag I can use! 

The tote bag is a tool and not an accessory. It is a required purchase for students new to Sound Beginnings and Let’s Play Music. A new student may NOT use a tote bag from home or borrow an old one from a former student. Why? 

  • The tote bag is easily recognized and therefore, easy to keep track of.
  • Parents, babysitters, grandparents, can easily find the bag.
  • It keeps all tools necessary for success in our programs accessible and all together.
  • It is appealing, well made, and the right size.
  • You only need to purchase it your first semester.
  • Our students feel a sense of pride in packing and carrying it.
  • All tools can successfully make it to class with the students.
  • It makes for a great opportunity for you to let others know about these wonderful music programs! 
  • It's a great conversation starter for you to talk to others about Sound Beginnings or Let's Play Music!
  • Students will already have something they can carry their piano music in when they graduate from Let's Play Music!
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