FREE Preview Classes

I am so glad you are interested in trying a FREE Preview Class! Please fill out the form below and I (Ms. Bethany) will get back to you ASAP about coming to a class with your child(ren). Or you can click the link to join a currently scheduled preview class!

You can attend a Sound Beginnings Preview Class if your child is between age 0-4 years old, and you can attend a Let's Play Music Preview Class if your child is 4-6 years old by September 1st. Have a 4-year-old? You are welcome to try both to see what works best for your family!

I'm unable to do preview classes for the Let's Play Recorder class because it's only 8 sessions long.

Why should I attend a Preview Class?

  • Attending a Preview Class will help you experience the magic of a real class!
  • You'll see how the curriculum creates the ideal learning setting of play & discovery.
  • You'll see how your child responds to the class and if it will be a good fit.
  • I will take time after class to answer your questions and help you determine if enrolling is a good option.
  • You will get the opportunity to save some money $$$ when you register. ☺
  • So you can tell your friends how much fun classes are!
  • Why wouldn't you? It's FREE!

Please know that there are official "Preview Classes" that are scheduled outside of normal class sessions. This is the preferred way to experience class. You may also have the option to attend a regular class if it works better into your schedule. The official preview classes allow you to see the full scope of the curriculum over the multiple semesters, while a regular class would allow you to see the program from the point of view of a particular lesson.

To sign up for a specific date/time for a preview class, please click here to see what I currently have scheduled. 

Fill out the form below ONLY if you are unable to make it to any of the scheduled classes on the link above, and I will get back to you about a class.

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Click the links below to learn even more about each class!

I've recently added a Sound Beginnings Mini Musicians class that has been specially adapted for the very little ones (age 0-1½ ) who are not quite ready for some of the preschool concepts that we cover in class. We do more parent bonding, active movement, instrument play, and simpler activities than the regular class. (It's a great place to make new friends!) 

Sound Beginnings (age 0-4) has a FREE 1-class option or a paid 3-session class. Activities will be selected from all 6 of the Sound Beginnings curricula so you can get a pretty good idea of what a typical semester will look like.Sometimes it takes a little more time for young kids to warm up to a new class experience and they may not participate the first day of class. The 3-session class is a great option for very shy children or kids that have not had much opportunity for interaction with other children. This gives them a "warm-up" period so you can see if this class will be a good fit before you make a 15-week commitment. The 3-session class is just $15 for you and $15 for your friend if you both enroll in the same class, or it is $25 if you enroll in the class by yourself. If you enroll in an actual Sound Beginnings class, the tuition you paid for this preview class will be applied to that session! (So it actually ends up being free in the end!) All Sound Beginnings classes require a parent or caregiver to attend with the children.

Let's Play Music (starting age 4-6) is a 3-year program so I'd love for you to understand just how much your child will learn and what the class expectations are before you jump right into such a big commitment. (This helps avoid any major surprises later too!)