Class Music

One of the best things about Let's Play Music and Sound Beginnings is that you get to have the class music at home, in your car, or anywhere you might want to listen to these fun tunes! ♫ 

lpm_app_pic.png Did you know...? 
  • CHILDREN who are familiar with the songs participate more in class! (This is true for both Sound Beginnings and Let's Play Music!)
  • PARENTS who are familiar with the songs participate more in class! (And when parents participate more, their children participate more!)
  • Songs have been carefully selected and written to not only be fun, but a majority of the songs are meant to teach something, whether it's preschool skills in Sound Beginnings or fun theory concepts in Let's Play Music!
  • Listening to the class music can be done passively or actively. 
    • PASSIVE: You can just play it in the background (at home or in your car) and be amazed at how much learning is being done simply through the lyrics. But the better way is definitely...
    • ACTIVE: You and your child can actively listen by singing along, tapping, moving or dancing to the beat, playing a percussion instrument, or using a scarf or other movement prop. During class you are presented with so many ways to have fun with the music. Feel free to copy those ideas or invent your own!
  • Each semester class has its own professionally recorded album.
  • The class music is a big part of what you are investing in with any Sound Beginnings or Let's Play Music class, so LISTEN TO IT  as much as you and your child can!
  • You pay for the music whether you listen to it or not! (So you might as well get your money's worth!)

There are two ways to get your class music: the LPM download portal and the LPM app.

Download Portal

Simply visit playmusic.customerhub.net and log in with the same username and password you used to purchase materials on the Let's Play Music website. REMEMBER: passwords AND USERNAMES are cAse seNsiTiVe! There you can select the album you want to download and you can download the ZIP file. The files can be unzipped and then be put on your phone, tablet or computer. (Or burned to a CD, if you are old-school like me and happen to still have a CD player!)


You can download the Let's Play Music app on your phone or tablet and you can load and play the music by searching for "Lets Play Music". The icon looks like this: lpm_app.png You will log in using the same username and password that you used when you purchased materials from Let's Play Music. Scroll down to see troubleshooting tips, if necessary.

Using our New App

We hope you are enjoying the ability to access all your LPM music in one handy app! 

IMG_0064.jpegCurrent Features: 

  • Displays semesters in which your family is currently enrolled at the top.
  • Stores all past albums in your library. 
  • Click the 'information' icon in the track play mode located in the upper right corner to read the learning purpose for each song.
  • Interactive musical instruments such as Tone Bells, Keyboard, and Autoharp!

In Development: 

  • Communication directly from teacher with class information
  • Theory games to foster musicianship such as note naming games, chord naming, ear training activities, etc. 


Be sure to visit the "Settings" section to enable push notifications, allow downloading, send feedback, or rate the app. You may need to enable push notifications from your phone's settings as well.


Here are some trouble-shooting tips to keep your experience smooth and fun:

  • User name and password fields not recognized? On the initial log-in, the email field is case sensitive and by default, as you input your email, the first letter will automatically be capitalized.  If you don't get logged in, retype your email without the first letter capitalized, if your password is correct, that should get you in.
  • IMPORTANT: If it's your first time logging in, you can't  hit the ‘reset password’ button because you've never ACTUALLY logged in. Attempting to reset before you've ever set a password will send you  round and round in frustrated circles. You must email the office to get a password reset.
  • Missing music? You may get logged in, but don't see the albums you expect. You'll see "Something's not right here" and you'll be prompted to pull down on the screen to refresh your profile. If this doesn't work, log out of the app, close the app completely, re-open and log back in.  If you are still experiencing issues, click the "Reach Out" button within the app.
  • Music won't play? When a new version is put on the app, there may be a syncing problem.  Just delete the album that won't play by clicking on the trash can in the upper right corner. Then close the app, reopen and refresh that album.
  • Any other issue? The best fix-all is to completely close the app, re-open it, log out, and log back in. It can sometimes be necessary to uninstall the app and re-install it.
  • If you still are having a problem with your music, please don't hesitate to call Let's Play Music corporate. They can usually fix any of your issues while you're on the phone with them. Their phone number is: (480) 840-1969 and you can reach them 9am to 4pm, Monday to Thursday and 9am to 3pm Friday MST.