Why Resonator Bells (Tone Bells) are the PERFECT Beginner Instrument Leading to the Keyboard

  1. Left to right orientation matches low to high pitches.
  2. Each bell matches a white key on the piano.
  3. Easy to learn steps, skips and leaps (intervals).
  4. Uses gross motor skills with full arm motions, as opposed to the fine motor skills required for piano (great for young learners).
  5. Kids can read and play music before their finger dexterity and strength has been developed.
  6. Bells can be propped up (isolated) to allow for greater success.
  7. Playing each bell gives you a major scale in the key of C.
  8. Glissandos are fun!
  9. Easy for young children to play without too much strain.
  10. Children can feel the vibrations of the bells as they play.
  11. Assigned color for each pitch makes it easy to distinguish between bells.
  12. Free play allows for making new connections and neural pathways.
  13. Fun and play makes everything exciting for kids!