Great Outdoors

great_outdoors.gifWhat is this class about?

Great Outdoors is a fun nature-themed session based on the Sound Beginnings curriculum model. Designed for children 0 to 5 and a caregiver, this 8-class session will include all the traditional elements of a Sound Beginnings class, such as movement, instrument play, musical games, singable stories, classical music exploration, nursery rhymes, and more!

What skills and themes are in this class?

  • colors & alphabet
  • nature & wildlife
  • cardinal directions (north, south, east, west)
  • solfege & in-tune singing
  • playing instruments & experiencing classical music
  • distinguishing high/low, loud/soft, fast/slow

great outdoors student setGreat Outdoors Student Materials

All families will need to buy one Complete Family Student Set to enroll in the session.

Individual items (extra student books and instruments) will be available for additional siblings.

Complete Family Student Set

$27.99 + shipping**

  • Student Book*
  • Student Soundtrack (Digital Audio Files)
  • Frog Guiro Rasp

Our Great Outdoors Session Student Book includes student reference pages, such as ABC chart and Tone Bell page to be used in class, as well as home-fun ideas and activities.

Great Outdoors MaterialsIndividual Items*

  • Extra Student Book: $10 + shipping**
  • Extra Frog Guiro Rasp: $5 + shipping**

*Ideally each student should have their own materials during class. It is highly recommended that you purchase a workbook and frog rasp for each additional sibling attending class that is over the age of 18 months.

**All materials will be shipped to me and I will distribute them at our first class.

Please text, call, or email with any questions! I'm happy to help!

Although this will be a shorter session than a standard semester, we will still focus on the Sound Beginnings 7 Foundational Elements

Sound beginnings provides research-based elements that stimulate growth in areas particularly crucial to the development of the young child. These elements make up the foundation of the Sound Beginnings curriculum:

fe-bonding-sm.jpg This class is for children and their 'grown up' to enjoy together. We will focus on building and strengthening these relationships while in class. We provide partner activities with intentional eye contact, trust elements, and physical touch to nurture this highly significant relationship.
fe-pitch-sm.jpg We are surrounded by correct singing with the semester music and in class. Students are encouraged to participate in appealing vocal play, make high and low sounds and use the minor third to learn to match and sing in tune.
fe-rhythm-sm.jpg We use our bodies and instruments to feel and perform a steady beat. Steady beat is crucial to developing rhythm skills and supports math skills.
fe-fine motor-sm.jpg Fingerplay to nursery rhymes help students focus on and enjoy fine motor movements. We also practice making the ABCs in sign language. Younger students enjoy the observation and will attempt the skills which is great practice too!
fe-classical-sm.jpg We expose students to the finest music literature. Our 'smart moves' dances involve the whole body in an enjoyable classical music experience. Each semester, we study the specific timber of different instruments and group them by family.
fe-gross motor-sm.jpg Full body movement builds muscle strength, hand/eye coordination, and develops balance. Gross motor also connects the two hemispheres of the brain, promoting improved cognition.
fe-literacy-sm.jpg In class we read stories, practice our ABC's and letter sounds.