Quizlet Flashcard Games - Bridge

Not all children like using flashcards, so I’ve created a fun alternative to learning and internalizing these musical concepts in a different way! 

DISCLAIMER: Although your child could benefit from ALL the sets, I recommend only having them do the sets we have talked about already to avoid confusion.

You can change the study mode by clicking on the bottom right drop-down menu in each set. You can choose from: Match, Learn, Test, Flashcards, and Spell (I don't recommend doing Spell). There are additional options for most of those modes. Feel free to play around with the different modes (bottom right corner) and options (top right corner of some modes) to see what your child likes best! 

If you are new to Quizlet, you can click here for a little more information.

If you want your child to review any Let's Play Music concepts, you can visit this page.

I'll keep this page updated with the card sets your child should be practicing and I'll add additional sets as we get to them!

Staff Treble Clef Spaces
Staff Treble Clef Lines
Staff Bass Clef Spaces
Staff Bass Clef Lines

Harmonic and Melodic Intervals
Symbols & Terms Set 1