Let's Play Recorder

Our new Let's Play Recorder class is going to change the you think about playing the recorder! We've broken down the skills for beautifully playing the recorder and - true to LPM style - made it fun! It's an introduction to recorder, even though your child may have had experience in school. This fun class is for ages 6-12. No musical experience necessary!

There will be 8 total sessions. Classes will be 1 hour long. Parents will not attend classes with their child, but will be invited to attend a showcase during the final session of classes. When will this class be? I currently have a class scheduled starting Tuesdays, August 27th @ 9:30am. This particular one is geared toward homeschoolers that want a fun short term music class. I will add other classes if requested here!

Far from only learning to play the recorder, this curriculum is rich with discovery, problem solving, teamwork, and individual challenges. All repertoire is designed for quick success, using the notes that are easiest to play. This session includes introduction/review of the treble clef notes on the staff and corresponding fingerings on the recorder. We also address proper playing technique and embouchure. Songs and ensembles are all easily scaled for varied levels of skill, practice, and interest. The session uses the recorder and other instruments (bells, piano, percussion) to learn chords, rhythms, and note naming. We emphasize classical music experience, group ensemble playing, meter/conducting, improvisation, composition, and reflective listening skills.

We also emphasize and experience the joyful, expressive, human art of music-making globally and historically, with emphasis on the wood flute. 

Some students will learn to play recorder - those who love it and practice at home. If your child does not, s/he will still have a rich musical experience with classical music, composition, improvisation, ensemble playing, rhythm reading, harmony, note reading, ear training, and music making.

This class contains LPM/Presto content. Those that have had LPM or Presto will know some songs already. Those that haven’t will learn them!

There will be note reading, rhythm reading, chord & harmony review for some, and will function as an introduction to others.

Curriculum Highlights
  • "The Squeaky Symphony" is a silly song whose lyrics teach proper recorder technique and include a section where students are free to play all the horrible sounds that happen when playing incorrectly, all in the spirit of playfulness.
  • "Banuwa" is a Liberian folk song chanted, sung, and played on percussion and 3-part recorder. A full accompaniment track makes this a robust, immersive, rousing musical experience.
  • "The Star People" is a Lakota Nations story telling of children losing their way and using the stars and their ancestors to come back home. It is accompanied by a beautiful Lakota wood flute song which will also be our puppet show.
  • Typical tonguing and fingering exercises that are usually boring are fun, easy, and musically rewarding using fantastic accompaniment tracks. You won't believe how fun it is to play an A over and over again!
  • Absolutely NO Hot Cross Buns!
Student Materials 
$29 + shipping
  • Student Songbook with 20 pages of full color repertoire, worksheets and instruction pages.
  • Digital Album - 15 engaging and educational tracks including curriculum songs and accompaniment tracks.
  • High Quality German Recorder
Tuition will be $120 for one student for the 8 session class. First sibling will get a $10 discount and second sibling will get a $15 discount. (1 student=$120, 2 students=$230, 3 students=$345)

myzelleqrcode.pngTo register, follow these simple steps:

whole_note-1.gifFill out this short Google Form.

whole_note-2.gifPay the non-refundable $10 registration fee to Ms. Bethany - Zelle is preferred (using my phone number), but I will accept Venmo (@musikandme).

whole_note-3.gifPurchase materials from Let's Pay Music corporate. Select the "Let's Play Recorder" class of your choice. The enrollment code is 137058.

whole_note-4.gifPay tuition to me when classes start, preferably through Zelle.