How is Let's Play Music different than Kindermusik?

Kindermusik is similar to Let's Play Music and many of our basic philosophies are the same: play-based learning, folk songs and games, group lessons. However, we are very different in the fact that the Let's Play Music curriculum is strategically written to incorporate solid music literacy and ear-training skills into a carefully sequenced lesson plans.

Kindermusik is a fun, interactive, experience with music, but it does not work toward reading music or learning an instrument. Their philosophy leans toward teaching music as a way to enrich the child and to enhance his brain function, not to produce a musician. We teach music to enrich the child, enhance brain function, AND produce a musician!

For example, in the first lesson, we show the staff and have a balloon float up and down and explore up and down sounds. By the fifth lesson, we've counted the 5 lines and 4 spaces, by the 9th lesson, we're identifying the position of the 'balloon' on the staff (i.e. 3rd line, 2nd space) and by the next semester, students are playing these identified notes on their tone bells! The bells are used in class and at home to internalize the function of the staff. It truly is amazing!!! And this is just one example of something we learn! I am constantly reminded that the Puppet Shows alone (the way we introduce and study classical pieces) would set Let's Play Music far and above any other music training program. And you should see how we teach rhythm! The use of solfege syallables and hand signs (though never used on the staff) helps train the ear for harmony, pitch relationship, and singing in tune.

I believe any musical exposure is beneficial for young children, but I firmly feel that Let's Play Music is the total package! (That's why I switched from teaching Kindermusik to teaching Let's Play Music!)