Thank you for attending a Sound Beginnings 3-week sample class that gave you a sneak peak into all six semesters of Sound Beginnings! Each semester explores all the elements of music: rhythm, pitch, harmony, form, dynamics and tone color, while teaching preschool skills and concepts. Students are encouraged to sing, play simple percussion instruments, listen, and move to classical music while learning concepts about print, numeracy, and other kindergarten concepts.

Attending Sound Beginnings with your young child will strengthen your relationship, develop the musician within, and prepare your child for success in kindergarten. That is truly a Sound Beginning!

So, what exactly did we learn over these 3 weeks?

Everybody Say Hello

Keeping the beat, gross motor skills, in-tune singing, building routine

ABC Song

Learning the alphabet, pre-reading skills, in-tune singing, and feeling the beat

Days of the Week

Learning days of the week, playing a simple percussion instrument

Four Seasons

Learning seasons, in-tune singing

Rhythmic Transition

Keeping a steady beat, preparation for subdivision


SOL and MI, body solfege, in-tune singing, feeling the beat, staff awareness

Major Scale

Major scale, relative pitch, solfege, hand signs, low-to-high, colors and letters

Echo Edie

Vocal play, pitch matching, in-tune singing, developing head voice

Here is the Beehive

Piano finger numbers, dexterity, counting to five

Risseldy, Rosseldy

Listening, concepts about print, gross motor skills, experiencing the beat

Going to the Zoo

Feeling the beat, playing a simple percussion instrument

She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain

Feeling the beat, playing a simple percussion instrument, sharing

Jump Dance

Classical form, theme/phrasing, enjoyment of classical music, listening, gross motor skills

My Paddle/Silver Birch

Feeling the beat, playing a simple percussion instrument

Uno, Dos, Tres

Feeling the beat, Spanish, playing a simple percussion instrument, gross motor skills

My Little Rooster

Vocal play, head register, in-tune singing

Yankee Doodle

Feeling the beat, playing a simple percussion instrument

A Bushel and a Peck

Feeling the beat, gross motor skills, parent-child bonding

Everybody Say Goodbye

Feeling the beat, building routine

Wow! All that in just an hour and a half? Imagine what a 15-week class will do for you and your child!

Plato once said, “….music is a more potent instrument than any other for education…” Research has since proven that music trains the brain for higher forms of thinking. One study showed that after eight months of musical training,
 3-year-olds were expert puzzle masters, scoring 80% higher than their playmates in spatial intelligence – the ability to visualize the world accurately. This skill later translates into mathematical conceptual and engineering skills!
 Music makes smarter kids!

The 7 Foundational Elements of Sound Beginnings:

 Bethany Harris - Certified Let’s Play Music & Sound Beginnings Teacher
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